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It is our please to announce that DIABP Awards Management has accepted to extend the submission deadline date till 31-08-2017 Click here!
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  Best Practices Database

Best Practices are defined as initiatives which make outstanding contributions to improving the quality of life in cities and communities around the world.

Since 1996, the Best Practices Programme and its network of partners have helped identify, evaluate, document and disseminate over 4,000 proven solutions to the common social, economic and environmental problems, from over 140 countries.

The Best Practices Database contains practices submitted to the Dubai International Award for Best Practices from 1996  onwards.

The database is a powerful tool for:

•     Analyzing current trends and emerging issues;

•     Networking with the people and organizations involved in implementation;

•     Capacity-building including new knowledge management tools and methods.

•     Technical Cooperation through the matching of supply with demand for proven       

       expertise and experience.

•    Policy development based on what works.

The Best Practices database is a joint product of UN-HABITAT and the Best Practices Partners.  The old database from 1996 till 2012 can be viewed from UN-Habitat website.


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